It was presumed that the advent of computers and technology will have an adverse impact on the lives of people. On the contrary, it has only proved to be paving avenues and creating infinite opportunities for everybody who has a hold of it.

Similarly, the advent of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning have also been coldly welcomed. Businesses need to embrace automation and these technological advancements in different sectors of medicine, infrastructure, automotive, education, research, social media will ensure easy access to information and services.

The aforementioned technologies have the potential to improve and streamline the daily activities and enabling us to live a better life in terms of connectivity, productivity, and quality.

Irrespective of the industry verticals, technological advancement such as automation helps in various aspects of our lives. From basic- traffic management, optimizing the use of water, reducing power consumption through smart home automation -to better fleet management using location services, assistant bots, pest control in farms and to controlling drones, satellites, and ammunitions by armies across nations, technology can enhance the holistic well-being.

Automation in conjunction with Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence can create a paradigm shift. These technologies and their implications can be a game changer for many enterprises in reducing their operational and logistical costs. 6d envisions this tremendous market potential and invests its resources in executing some selective use cases by building required platform and making strategic partnerships to convert these use cases into hosted services with SAAS delivery model thereby generating consistent revenue.