Power Touch - Customer Digital Touch Points


Committed To Reach The Customers Efficiently

A large segment of customers own smart devices and to fulfil customer interaction proficiently, 6d introduces a very innovative platform Power TouchTM. In this digital era, customer journey goes way beyond website & customer care usability, and “Power Touch” act as a single point of aggregation for multiple customer touch points – SMS, USSD, Voice, WEB & Mobile APP. This platform enhances user experience that boosts sale, customer acquisition & retention. A dynamic platform that encloses the feature of Subscriber registration system, customer & retailer Self-Care and Point of Sale application that streamlines the data from outlets, retail chains, and subscribers, and offers customized services to your customers.






Key Highlights

  • Simplification & unification of all enablers in one platform
  • Dynamic & flexible ecosystem that reduces time to market
  • Wide range of terminals & peripherals available in a single platform
  • Multi-Service unified view boosts operational efficiency
  • Digital payment enablement system
  • Uninterrupted serviceability
  • Offline data caching
  • Unified User Management
  • Easy on boarding of new services
  • 360 degree view of all customers