Business Analytics & Reporting

Business Intelligence platform helps an operator to derive customer insights from underlying data streams to meet specific business objectives. They can drive multi-channel customer engagement programs or personalize digital touch points to enhance customer lifecycle value, sink churn, augment customer loyalty and deliver consistent customer experience across touch points.
Analytics platform is built on a robust foundation of 6d tech for analytics, sentiment analysis and linguistics. With customizable, pre-configured charts and drag-drop dashboards, Analytics platform has various capabilities such as Predictive Analytics to provide insight into customers’ attitudes, perceptions and future buying behavior.

Key Highlights

  • Decision processes: Easy decision process construction through an intuitive, visual interface.
  • Data throughput: Layered architecture with server clustering capabilities ensures high throughput, even in high-volume
  • Real-time analytics: Automated analytical techniques include an array of analytical capabilities – customer lifetime value, propensity, attrition and risk modeling
  • Data Optimization: Fetching Call details records, files from other data system and store it in compressed form.