Campaign Management

Enhanced Marketing Enactment with Extensive Segmentation

Modern Marketers today need to consistently build and launch successful campaigns. The best way to do this is by using sophisticated, intuitive automation software with a power to nurture prospects and streamline customer communication.

Targeted Campaign Manager by 6d is a single integrated platform with a comprehensive range of Profiling facilities and Provisioning capabilities. It gives a strong dose of data-driven strategy and resource efficiency to develop targeted and integrated marketing strategies and communication. This platform provides options to send a solid message across various media platforms, improve customer experience and drive tangible business results. This goes without saying that Campaign Manager aids in making customer-centric decisions, thereby increasing the efficiency and profitability.



  • Profile & Segmentation: Intelligent profile management system handling descriptive analysis of data based on predefined metrics and rules.
  • Campaign Design: Change campaign parameters measure the improvements in performance dynamically and instantly.
  • Campaign testing: A/B testing with Control/test group enables campaign simulation capabilities and allows a preview of how decision flows will perform in an operational environment.
  • Campaign Execution: Schedule marketing programs and execute campaigns to a high volume using automated campaign workflows.
  • Campaign Evaluation: Accurately measure and report marketing activities to enrich insights, marketing accountability and decision making.
  • Real-time offer: Fulfill inbound marketing opportunities through personalized offer to each customer, across channels based on real-time event.
  • Contextual Marketing: 6d platform acquires, analyzes and applies information about customer context such as transactions, locations, deliberations and much more to organize personalized interactions.


  • Build a targeted campaign for customers using available data from local, cloud and third-party repositories including previous interactions and responses, usage behaviors and events.
  • Reuse pre-built campaign including target list, segments, offers, treatments and exclusion rules.
  • Manage full campaign logic including target segmentation, ad-hoc field creation, exclusions rules, assignment of offers and channels.
  • Contact Quarantine/Communication Policy: Assigned messages delivered during a specific time period.
  • Omni-channel communication to deliver cost effective campaigns