Cross Selling Real-time Offers through Retailers/Dealers

6d’s retailer based offer management creates a new channel to cross- sell and up-sell operators’ existing U&R, IN packs and VAS packs to the users across their buying journey through the retailers. Instant changing of customer preferences and constant growing market trends with new product and service choices for customers, there is a need to promote multiple Offers and Plans that not every retailer can comprehend. The key to effective cross-selling and up-selling is to take customers’ needs by adding value to the customer experience with related service/offer recommendations. Cross-selling helps to inform the customers on the depth and variety of what offers, products or services can be given.


  • Generate offer recommendations automatically based on a retailer’s unique attributes, customer’s past purchases, current and historical shopping behaviors and business rules
  • Aimed at enabling operators to provide personalized recommendations for a compelling subscriber experience
  • Optimize conversions by delivering recommendations based on customer interests and actions
  • Continue the conversation and uplift revenue by providing fascinating offers across channels
  • Dealer/Retailer N-Tier Hierarchy management. Clear path for retailer with various Tier classes based on performance
  • Analytics and reporting to gain deeper insight into up-cell strategy and customer purchase behavior


  • Transparency: Both customer and merchant have same information. Retailers promote activation codes of various U&R/VAS services in their outlets
  • Relevance: Offers are presented to customer are relevant for him/her based on the purchase pattern
  • Uptakes: Increase in uptake since offers are tailored for customer. Rich consumer experience and more accurate offer targeting
  • Realization: Instant realization of commission for merchants
  • Savings: Huge savings on training and communication costs