Customer Churn Predictive Analytics

Across businesses, churn can occur anywhere in the customer life cycle.  This means that every touch point with customers provides an opportunity to increase customer loyalty. At 6d, we take a comprehensive view of various factors leading to churn, and ensure that each contact point is evaluated as an opportunity to reduce churn –right from acquisition to termination and potential win back. We have the industry expertise and technology know-how to help to improve profitability across all customer segments. Our churn management framework is a multi-faceted solution that manages customer attrition and provides enhanced Customer Experience Management. It is an advanced end-to-end solution that helps identify reasons for customers’ churn, and build decision models to predict churn, minimize it and retain profitable customers. Our framework allows churn pilot programs to help prove concepts, identify tangible improvements, and produce quick wins that build impetus for future initiatives & migrate to more sophisticated initiatives at own pace while achieving low-cost, high-value financial benefits.

We integrate four key disciplines in our churn management framework:

  • Customer information management and strategy development: Ensures that customer demographics, customer segmentation, predictive modeling and data mining techniques result in differentiated strategies that are relevant to the individual customers
  • Customer contact management: Makes sure that these differentiated strategies are consistently implemented through individual or multiple integrated channels
  • Value proposition creation: Ensures creation of specific, measurable and sustainable value creation for customers; clearly articulates target customer segments, specific timeframes and the value proposition to please them
  • Customer operations: Analyzes customer billing details, revenue, call usage and other data points to create individualized customer profiles, strategies, up-selling and cross-selling opportunities to improve profitability and customer retention


  •  Predicts, calculates and analyses customer churn rate so as to take preventive actions
  • Enables operators to focus on retention rather than acquisition
  •  Exhaustive churn prediction models and algorithms
  •  Recommendations based on the churn propensity score with severity index


  •  Faster, accurate and reliable churn predictions
  • Real time continuous customer engagement with various treatment models
  • Fine tune the organizational strategy based on recommendations
  • Quantified results to prove the success of the applied churn models
  • Detailed graphs and charts showing analysis and outcomes