Enterprise Messaging

Targeted bulk campaigns for Revenue Enhancement

Enterprise Messaging platform empowers enterprise users with a common, central and secure development framework to deliver messages quickly and in a cost-effective manner. The platform enables Enterprises & Operator with enhanced capabilities to create target group based marketing campaigns rapidly and cost effectively in the mobile media. The system allows marketers to design, execute, measure and optimize outbound marketing campaigns. This multi-channel enterprise messaging solution allows marketers to mass push tailored messages to huge volumes of contacts. The ability to deliver contextually relevant services is contingent on having deep insights into the consumer behavior.

The platform can be extended to multiple enterprise partners in a multi-tenant environment where the partners can register on the platform for Campaign Management Services. Data isolation is supported in the system where the Partners/Enterprises can manage their own specific services /configurations/ rules/reports.



  • Present the brand using a uniquely branded web portal with its own logo, look & feel and language choice
  • Infuse marketing decisions with unprecedented customer insights
  • Create personalized interactions across every conceivable channel
  • Provide multi-tenancy results in lower TCO for all stakeholders
  • Multiple partners connect to the same instance, allowing full personalization, data isolation, performance control and security