Smart Screen - In-browser messaging



Smart Screen delivers engaging, in-browser notifications directly to targeted subscribers. The platform communicates directly with millions of customers while they are online, improving subscriber experience and providing valuable metrics and data for Telco. Smart Screen offers Telco, an Internet-based solution that solves key notification needs and improves Telco-to-Subscriber multi- screen communications. It can send the right message, to the right user, at the right time. Equally important are the marketing activities surrounding the operator ecosystem, enabling higher product and plan uptake.


    • New Revenue Stream for operators to monetize their existing customer base and mobile advertising over OTT services.
    • Insert an Ad/content page on ANY HTTP page
    • In-browser messaging helps in rendering the advertisements to the subscribers based on the filters/rules set in the system as per the device capabilities.
    • Real time, contextual pattern analysis for instant insights
    • Support for Non-Responsive, Responsive, and Trigger based campaigns
    • Non-intrusive Messages


  • Utilize the direct-to-browser Communications medium to advertise
  • Future proof & innovative solution
  • Flexible Business Model
  • Can partner with any Ad Exchange CSP
  • Customer Specific  Personalized  offers