Inventory & Number Management

6d’s Inventory & Number Management solution is a scalable, fully-automated system that enables operators to manage operator inventory reliably and efficiently including their telephone numbers. The platform manages accurate information on inventory products, stock information, product specifications, movement of inventory, recycling, and so on at any point of time. The platform boasts advanced stock forecasting features to plan the utilization proficiently to avoid running out of devices or numbers.

Number management is more complicated now than ever due to the impact of local number portability activity, complex service offerings from providers that might include both mobile and fixedline numbers, and increased reporting needs to meet regulatory requirements. To be effective, 6d’sInventory &Number Management solution translates complexity into straightforward solution delivery. Itsupports a single number inventory source for all types of numbering resources such as mobile, fixed line and VoIP. It also provides extensive yet simplified integration support for multiple and diverse systems such as billing, network, and number portability through service oriented architectures.

Our efficient management of numbering resource inventories considers the ability to gather and react to information by near real-time updates, process automation and the flexibility to handle difficult exception scenarios.Typically, these capabilities include inventory dashboards that provide number administrators with up-to-date utilization calculations and forecasts for all markets and regions.The ability to create custom rules ensuresthat the number inventory never run out of available numbers.The automated utilization notification allows operators to find out about number shortages before they become an issue.


Key Highlights

  • Centralized management of resources
  • Flexible to create numbers, categorization, reservation, number pool recycling, and so on.
  • Reduced OPEX, plus optimized costs and process times
  • Better service quality and shorter fault times
  • Change of resource status upon consumption of resources
  • Accurate information helps to avoid excessive storage of stock
  • Easier tracking down of inventory records
  • Maintains complete lifecycle states of inventories
  • Notifications for stock alerts
  • Supports hierarchy based inventory management
  • Auto rule based recycling of numbers leading to saving on manual efforts
  • Improved forecasting for stock replenishment