Content Management & Delivery

Internet & smart devices have become a primary mode for infotainment, services and entertainment distribution. 6d offers a unique content management & delivery solution that augments operator networks to deliver games, movies, streaming services for video, music and radio, wallpapers, animated images, OTT content to the end user with high efficiency. With 6d’s Content Delivery Platform, content providers get great features such as accelerated content upload speed, multiple transcoding techniques and sophisticated content licensing policy to tackle security and piracy challenges. The compression technique ensures that the end user can experience flawless services. The Platform aggregates content from multiple content providers and often delivers content in a personalized manner and handles end-to-end processes of service provisioning, service management, charging settlement and business reporting.




Key Highlights

  • One-stop solution for customer, content providers, service provider and application provider
  • Capitalizes on multisource content
  • Effortlessly delivers conventional and digital content
  • Real time content services that serves live TV, streaming services and online gaming environment to customer
  • Flexible subscription models
  • Multiple origin security features
  • Value to customer preference; efficient customer analytics take feedback from rating, ranking and voting stats of the customer.
  • Painless automated registration process for content provider and customer
  • Scalable solution where new services, content, channel and media handling tools can easily integrate