Unified Subscription Manager

Customers’ urge for content & service needs are rapidly changing, and to meet customer satisfaction, the operator must find flexible subscription policies. Standard subscription and non-subscription models are not beneficial anymore for both customers and operators. 6d’s Unified Subscription Manager provides the flexible play ground to content providers where they get the freedom to define promotional policies, service packages, offers, price plans and charging models. It can create conventional VAS services, IN services, hybrid services and defines the enhanced subscription model for streaming & digital services. Customer-centric solution notifies subscribers about their service status in a more personalized manner.


Key Highlights

  • Power-Ups platform with service creation ability
  • Abolish revenue leakage
  • Enhance service efficiency
  • Speed up service delivery and activation
  • Innovative charging models & offer types
  • Flexible price plans
  • Elegant billing models
  • Complete management of subscription life cycle
  • Multilingual support for personalized notification