6d’s AAA System performs Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting of subscribers for using (Data) services. For a service provider, AAA is a business term; a framework for intelligently controlling access to critical resources, enforcing policies, and so on.

Our AAA solution is a perfect response to cater increasing demand in data services and new opportunities in fixed-mobile convergence services. It is enterprise-grade software that comes with agility and scalability in terms of features and functionality. It enables operators to take advantage of opportunity by providing multi-vendor, multi-network support.

  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Accounting
  • Captive Portal
  • IP Pool Manager
  • Map Gateway
  • Session Management

Key Highlights

  • Provides Transport layer security
  • Supports IPv4 & IPv6 protocols
  • IP Pool Management
  • Portal based EAP-SIM & EAP AKA Authentication
  • Diameter & RADIUS support
  • Supports Trusted &un trusted non 3GPP networks
  • MAP Gateway support
  • Multi realm support
  • Supports AAA proxy & DHCP
  • SOAP API support