Smart Policy Control- PCRF

6d’s Policy and Charging Rule Function is a functional element that encompasses policy control decision and flow based charging control functionalities. 6d’s PCRF solution provides network control regarding the service data flow and application’s traffic detection, gating, QoS and flow based charging towards the PCEF.

The solution comes with an in-built SPR functionality that maintains the subscription information of the subscriber, subscriber groups and their service related information. It is designed to deliver policy and charging rules in real time to multiple networks, applications, and service delivery platforms. It enables an operator to dynamically control network elements with real-time policies based on service, subscriber or usage control.


  • Policy Management
  • Quota Management
  • Gateway Management
  • Policy Engine
  • Usage Counters Monitoring
  • User Notification

Key Highlights

  • Enables data service innovation
  • Dynamic enforcement of fair usage policy and service caps
  • Real time service authorization and session management
  • Supports policy evolution and Data plan innovation
  • Flexible Metering option
  • Supports Connectivity with multiple Enforcement points
  • Quota management for different services and applications
  • Supports Congestion management
  • Maintains subscriber profile repository
  • Detection of unauthorized access
  • Converge usage accumulators across multiple accesses