Connection Management Platform

Automated Connectivity Management platform links devices to global networks, customers and backend systems, giving the power to address critical challenges. 6d’s Connectivity Management platform helps organizations to reduce costs and improve efficiency when managing and monitoring M2M programs.

The platform enables:

  • Enterprise Management – Enable your Enterprise partnerships to self-manage their M2M services on the platform using sophisticated business processes and GUIs
  • Enterprise Billing – Manage complete rating and billing of the Enterprises based on the usage of their M2M devices
  • Application Management – Enable industry-specific M2M services using state-of-the-art BPM configurators
  • Data Gateway – Handle the real-time machine data traffic over MQTT and TLS through security layers, authentication processes, queue management, all the way into the Application management layer

For the Enterprises, the platform opens up a wide range of benefits in terms of:

  • Asset Management – Have a 360-degree view of the static and moving inventories and assets in the form of SIMs and Devices, plotted on a GIS view
  • Remote Provisioning – Manage life cycle of the SIMs remotely using APIs and over-the-Air provisioning methods
  • SIM and Device Management – Monitor the statuses of SIMs and Devices and troubleshoot them remotely
  • Data Security and Integrity Management –Ensure that the data generated by the machines are transferred, processed and stored in the most secured manner to safeguard the interest of the business
  • Real-time analytics & Business Reporting – Comprehensive reporting of the state of the business, drilling down all the way to individual machine level performance and revenue reports
  • M2M/Billing & Rating Engine - Unlike Standard B/OSS platforms, M2M Billing & Rating Engine is built specifically for machine communications. It offers nearly limitless flexibility on billing options – including lifetime and event-based billing models – enabling a much better fit with the myriad of M2M business models