Partner/ Enterprise Management

The ever growing M2M/IoT based services is propelling towards automation of the services in various industries/verticals not limited to Connected Cars, home Automation, Industrial Automation and so on which is possible through M2M Communications and corresponding enablement platforms.

It is imperative that the Service Providers also want to board the M2M bandwagon by reutilizing the existing nodes of the network. With the advent of the CMP (Connection Management Platforms) in M2M domain it became easier in ensuring cross service partner engagements with multiple new partners in complex value chains. It also helps Service Providers adapting to new and non-familiar business models and investing in new higher-growth services areas.

Enterprise/Partner management enables service providers help in Onboarding the M2M/IoT companies to help partner with Service Provider to provide their services to end customers. This helps Enterprises/Partners in realization of revenues through OPEX/CAPEX/Smart Revenue sharing models.

6d’s Partner/Enterprise management capabilities enable operators to manage their partners more effectively and efficiently through the introduction of standardized processes, tools and practices for interacting with them and allows service providers to implement solutions that can facilitate settlements and interconnect relationships. Our offering enhances collaboration with partners by providing an open architecture for easy integration with external systems.

The platform will manage all payments and ensure timely payments to all partners of the operator.

  • Personalized contracts, managing contractual obligations and relationships with each and every one of the partners in its ecosystem
  • Fast and automated partner onboarding process
  • Support for multiple partner agreements and hierarchy levels
  • Streamline every aspect of partner relationships with advanced self-service capabilities and process automation tools
  • Enables a safe and controlled environment for partners to expand their offerings to subscribers
  • Automates provisioning tasks and minimizes the need for human interaction
  • Manage complex contract terms including Rates, Discounts and Credit Limits
  • Provides consolidated reports for the operator and custom reports for partners
  • Revenue realizations and Settlement process support
  • Alerts and notifications in Strengthening customer relationships