Unified Device Management

6d’s Unified Device Management provides the ability to manage and control multitude of devices available in the network. Application Management helps enterprises create security strata in the device for business applications and data. The platform ensures enterprises gain complete control over the devices, allow explicit policies, remotely lock devices or even wipe sensitive data. The comprehensive solution for enterprises monitors, controls and manages workforce mobile devices remotely reducing support costs and business risks.




OMA Provisioning Content Messages are special SMSs that contain OTA configuration of a mobile phone such as settings for the browser (APN, proxy and bookmarks), MMS client, IM client or SyncML client.



OMA–DM augments new devices swiftly and easily provisions with application and policies without IT involvement. The solution can remotely set parameters, conduct troubleshooting servicing of terminals and install or upgrade software among others. It provides easy-to-use interface for detecting and sending provisioning data to the addressed devices. The method is used for OTA as well as Non-OTA compatible devices.



Technical Report 069 (TR-069) is CPE WAN management protocol for remote management of end-user devices. 6d offers a consolidated TR-069 that includes an ACS application that can support a range of devices such as Residential Gateways, Femtocells, Access Points, Access Gateways, VoIP Gateways and Set-Top Boxes based on different data models and specifications. ACS application is a hosted solution to address automatic configuration & zero touch provisioning of CPE appliances in the broadband ecosystem.



Lightweight M2M is designed for sensor networks and low capability devices demand of IoT environment. Remote management of M2M devices and related service enablement features a modern architectural design based on REST API.



With unique BYOD program, employees can perform work-related tasks through their own portable devices. Enterprises have to keep watch on the devices in their network, whether they are corporate owned or personal devices. BYOD mechanism works if corporates can effectively manage these miscellaneous devices and protect their data from being conceded. 6d’s Device Manager helps you to manage mobile devices, focusing on configuration and security from a central dashboard.


  • Device Enrollment: Initial Over-the-air enrollment within a second with a one-time passcode or with user's Active Directory credential for registering devices with the users.
  • Device Detection: Integration with other systems to receive Triplet change ADD trigger from HLR or STK and EIR trigger over API/SMS
  • Profile Configuration: Imposes policy restriction regarding user access for corporate accounts such as Email, Wi-Fi, VPN and device grouping based on department, location and so on.
  • Push Provisioning: Supports device configuration – APN/RCS/SIP settings push for both OTA compatible and Non-OTA devices in following scenarios:
    • User changes device
    • User introduced a new IMEI to network
    • System filters out multiple device-SIM switch over configured duration
  • Remote Device Management: OTA based device bootstrap for configuring devices to recognize OMA-DM
  • Inventory Management: Tracking and analyzing device information and applications on devices is significant for business security
  • Backup & Restore: Enables mobile operators to offer an automated backup system that is device or model independent. Innovative way of uploading and securing data for stolen, damaged or lost devices
  • Device Analytics & Reporting: Device data analysis based on device category, features, vendors, RCS, RAN and flexible report generation
  • Intuitive dashboard: Provides anoverview of the intact device ecosystem and useful details that alerts an admin to take an immediate action
  • Device Diagnostics:  Querying the device for additional diagnostics data in response to a fault and Remote Device Repairing


  • Open standard interfaces for integration with other systems to track all the devices on your network with complete visibility
  • Firmware Update Management Object (FUMO) and Software Component Management Object (SCOMO) enablers are leveraged to deploy new firmware and software update in the device
  • Firewalls assist in blocking dangerous programs, viruses or spyware before they intrude into the device ecosystem
  • Descriptive analysis for better management and control of customer devices