M-One: Powering Complete MVNO in a Single Box

MVNO/MVNE is the next revenue generating business in the telecommunication sector that is enabling enterprises across the globe to kick start as a service provider without investing heavily in the network infrastructure. Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are quickly recognizing this revenue opportunity and enabling their networks to on board and service MVNO/E without any further delay.

6d’s MVNO/E solution offers comprehensive and convergent BSS and Unified VAS framework for serving Fixed and Mobile networks with the highest level of flexibility and compatibility for all kinds of MVNOs.

6d’s MVNO/E suite is empowered with:

  • Convergent BSS for Prepaid and Post-paid businesses
  • Unified VAS and Messaging
  • 360 degree Customer Life Cycle Management



  • With a highly scalable architecture, the MVNO solution is deployable on Physical, NFVI-enabled, and Public cloud infrastructures.

The adopted Multi-tenancy framework ensures highly superior and industry grade data security and isolation between the MVNOs in the presentation layer, application layer and data layer.



Key Highlights

  • 3GPP Rel 10 compliant
  • eTOM based framework
  • Network Technology Agnostic Adaptors
  • Multi-tenant and Secure
  • Modular and Scalable
  • ReST based APIs
  • OWASP Compliant
  • M2M Services Enabled