Echelon - Dynamic Number Allocation

An Ingenious Platform for Subscriber Number Selection

With an increased competition in the customer acquisition amongst network operators, Number Administration in a quick span of time is indeed perplexing. Dynamic number allocation aids operators to save money and take subscriber activation to a next level. 6d’s Echelon - Dynamic number Allocation platform enables personalization of the activation process and offers subscribers various options – Prepaid and Postpaid Plans, New Number, Number Portability, Language selection, and additional services. The Platform offers flexibility to manage the number pool. It also offers an augmented customer experience in number selection by removing the inadequacies that result in significant economic and operational benefits to the operators. The Platform increases customer choice enabling every customer to choose a number from a much wider range of numbers stored in the DSA database instead of the choice being restricted by the physical SIM stock held at a specific retailer. Beyond Dynamic allocation and activation of number and services, the modular solution supports the full lifecycle of SIM cards; from the moment the cards are produced to the point where they are scrapped, further improving the efficiency for the operators.


Key Highlights

  • Enhancing User Experience - Choice and Personalization
  • Save Logistical Costs and Reduce SIM Inventories
  • Number Management – Generation, Categorization, Reservation and Lifecycle
  • Availability of SIM cards and Numbers on demand
  • Efficient SIM inventory and procurement management
  • Flexible Number Management including importing, categorization & pool management
  • Supports multiple regions under one umbrella leading to no regional dependency for subscribers
  • MNP & SIM Swap support
  • Seamless integration with existing systems of the operator for provisioning/activation of SIM over standard interfaces
  • Selection and Provisioning of various VAS services at the time of activation
  • Fully compliant with various global standards and regulatory authority guidelines wherever applicable