Equipment Identity Register (EIR)

With the ever increasing penetration of Mobile Services, there has been a drastic increase in the usage of Mobile Devices and Tablets in Developed and Developing countries. Such a spurt of devices usage has posed serious security challenges in regard to device theft as well as national security threats. It is also evident that there is a massive jump in devices thefts across the world that can be attributed to the increase in usage of Smart Phones & Tablets.

At this juncture, Equipment Identity Register (EIR) allows Regulators and Operators to control the access to mobile networks, deterring device theft and fraud. EIR also enables provisioning of optimized services based on device type.

EIR contains one or more databases for storing Device/IMEI/IMEISV information (white list, grey list, and black list) of terminal equipment and identifies the validity of the terminal equipment that accesses the PLMN network by checking the IMEI/IMEISV information.


Automatic Device Detection

Key Highlights

  • Compliance to 3GPP 22.016 and FCC Mandate (For North American Regions)
  • Network and Core Vendor Agnostic Solution
  • Intuitive and user-friendly GUI for EIR Database Management
  • Performance oriented solution to reduce response lags
  • Highly Reliable and Scalable solution with respective to transactions and/or Database Management
  • Deployment support on COTS/VM/NFVI environments



Deployment of EIR in ISP/Operator network usually does not reduce thefts of handsets completely as these devices can still be used in other operator (Using Different SIM Card) network as usually the EIR DB information is not shared across the operators.
To avoid this limitation, regulators have come up with the concept of Centralized EIR (EIR++) that will deter usage of stolen phones across all the operators in the same country as well as the operators of different countries. This is achieved by integrating with the GSMA IMEI Database.


Key Highlights

  • Creating Win-Win environment for all stake-holders – Regulator, Government, ISP, Handset Manufacturers, Handset Supplier/Importers, Insurance Companies and Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Hub and Spoke model Deployment support
  • Seamless integration with existing local EIR systems on Open APIs
  • Support for Multiple categories of IMEI