IN Services System

With the saturated revenues from the Voice Services, it has become important to increase the utilization of the Circuit Switches resources by Operators. One of the ways to improve the same is by targeting the Enterprises/Corporates who are generally big spenders in the Voice Calls. IN Services are for those Enterprises/Corporates who can be provided an integrated solutions for Fixed Line and Wireless networks by the Operator. These services not only help Enterprises/Corporates to reach their Customers in a very efficient way but also optimize the cost of reaching them.

6d‘s IN services has various out-of-the-box services for operators to use immediately. Additionally, the proposed system provides an SCE framework to create new services and flexibly put them in a centralized place independent of the switch capability by reutilizing the available capabilities/modules. This SCE framework capability helps the Operator to offer new services quickly and easily by reusing the adapters and software. It is an architectural concept for operation & provision of new services to the subscribers.

Some of the services supported by the platform are shown in the diagram below.

IN Services


Key Highlights

  • Services are enabled in a more Effective, Rapid and Economical way
  • Flexibility in addressing different/specific Enterprise requirements
  • Network and Vendor Agnostic solution that works on standard interfaces without service specific customizations in core network
  • Service Creation Environment to develop new services