Mobile VPN

6d’s Mobile VPN solution offers a robust, easy-to-customize service that can increase Operator’s network utilization. VPN service is software solution which best meets the demands of corporate segment by providing private environment over the public network without having much investment on the private infrastructure.

6d’s VPN functions are developed for different type of Mobile networks like GSM (2G/3G/UMTS) and IMS/LTE (4G) networks. VPN service is applicable to the bearer services of voice, messaging and data. Short numbers defined in the service and the features assigned against those numbers will be applicable to all bearer services for which the feature is configured.
Mobile VPN service enables an operator to offer enterprise-oriented services on integration of mobile users of a company into one virtual network with one number plan. Communication costs within this virtual network are controlled with a single set of directives centrally stored in the VPN database. VPN is able to screen all calls made within the VPN in accordance with these directives and applies the best possible routing.

Group-oriented subscription and cost control functions stimulate a long-term relationship between the company and the operator. This, in combination with the ease of use offered by VPN for end-users, strongly increases customer retention in this business segment. VPN handles multi-site companies, independent of existing telephony solutions and geographical location of sites. VPN supports both national and international roaming, securing service levels when travelling, and increasing the efficiency and availability of the end user.

Key Highlights

  • Direct connectivity – Corporate network becomes part of mobile operator's network through direct connection
  • Private numbering plan – Communication is tailored to company organization
  • Corporate Business Group – All offices and employees are part of one common group, that includes all mobile and desk phones
  • Short dialing – Short number to access each employee, no meter on his mobile or desk phone
  • Smart Divert – Easy divert within company group
  • Groups and subgroups – Several sub-groups defined within the group with different changing as well as with separate numbering plan
  • Calls control – Certain destinations could be allowed or barred both on mobile and desk phones.
  • Support to IP-PBX for IMS based network and to PABX for fixed line network
  • Highly secure VPN support based on high-availability firewall design with End-to-End link encryption
  • APIs for easy customization of access policies by user, device, location, application
  • Limit access to certain private resources such as file shares only to a certain network segment