The purpose of SRF is to provide voice processing functionality to the Intelligent Network wherever it is necessary to achieve user interaction such as play announcement, prompts and collect the user information.

The subscribers of the network usually use the functionality of SRF without knowing them. The IN application part such as INAP & CAP are used to establish voice oriented connection between IN and the user for interaction. When the user interaction is completed, SRF may tear down the connection between the user and IN based on the instruction given in the user interaction command such as play announcement and informs SSP to hang up the call.

The solution is highly flexible and is customized to meet specific customer needs. The functionality of any one service can be reused by others. Thus, service providers can also choose to deploy the solution to meet business needs for specific services or functionality that meets identified user demands or attract new subscribers.


Key Highlights

  • Network Agnostic and Vendor Agnostic Solution (GSM/CDMA)
  • Support for Direct Mode and Relay Mode deployment
  • Support for ETSI/ANSI/3GPP Standards-based interfaces (INAP CS1/CS2, CAP v1/v2/v3, ISUP, SIP/RTP)
  • Acts as Media for IN Services like Prepaid, VPN and so on
  • Extension to IN Self-Care services through IVR channel