Missed Call Alert (MCA)

Missed Call Alerts service presents an innovative solution for notifying telephone users about missed calls and delivering missed call details to subscribers who have missed the calls due to Switched Off/Not Reachable/Busy (with no call waiting) cases. This service helps the users to retrieve their lost calls, thereby encouraging them to make return calls as per their choice. The increased number of calls translates into increased revenues for the operators.

  • Multichannel support (USSD/SMS/Web/Call Centre) for service activation (Opt in -Opt out)
  • Auto reply SMS to caller
  • Notify me Service when the subscriber is back into the network
  • Consolidated Notification for missed calls within a predefined time limit
  • Notification with Call Back option


Voice Mail & Voice SMS

VMS/VSMS is highly flexible solution that allows callers to leave a voice message if the called party is not available. The solution supports multiple channels for message retrieval, personalized greeting messages and other advanced features such as Visual Voice Mail and chat features. This service can record, send and process Voice messages in a pre-configured or customized way to meet specific customer needs.

  • Application overlay-no changes to existing infrastructure; works on 2G/3G/LTE
  • Applicable to any handset
  • Easy to use - Overcomes text usability issues
  • Available in all languages
  • Visual Voice Mail features


Beep Me

Beep me service is a flexible solution that enables notifying a Called Party with a split second missed call/Dummy call if the call does not get completed due to low balance of the Caller Party. This maximizes the profitability by adding to the overall satisfaction of subscribers by providing them with the best possible user experience.

  • Dramatically reduces the number of abandoned calls
  • Monetize the calls that were getting dropped because of low balance
  • Helps to develop a strategy to realize and execute complete customer service vision
  • Possible to Restrict B-number (On-NET or Off-NET)
  • Increase subscriber satisfaction and increase loyalty
  • Ensure service levels are met with optimized resource utilization


Collect Call/Collect SMS/Call me back

Collect Call solution is a powerful open ended platform that helps doing the necessary call routing and providing available services based on the subscriber’s inputs/choice. Reverse charging options request can be accessed over USSD mode, Call mode, Auto call mode and Mobile App.

  • Subscribers can avail the collect call service by simply prefixing “#” (configurable) to the destination number – Direct Collect call.
  • Configurable service fee/Subscription Fee will be applied apart from the reverse charging for call.
  • The system maintains accessibility check list (Black/White list)
  • Playing Announcements