Integrated Messaging Suite

Ready-to-Use Suite of Messaging Applications

CSPs have improved and enhanced the features and performance using Integrated Messaging Suite powered by 6d.

It is an aggregator platform for efficient implementation and easy operation of wide range of essential and revenue boosting messaging applications. It helps to provide a single window for end-to-end management of all integration with the third-party applications or services to maintain the integrity of the elements and services across different access media and in turn, reduce the integration costs and time for service delivery.

The highlights of integration include:

  • Common network stack
  • Optimal Signalling mechanisms
  • Application deployment on virtual or cloud environments
  • Individual vertical & horizontal scalability support
  • Common platform & Optimized Signalling
  • Pay-as-you-grow concept
  • Built in Agility to allow customization to align with the requirement
  • Common resources for multiple application
  • Single location for all operations & Management
  • Better experience for customer