MMSC & WAP gateway

6d’s MMS offers a rich messaging experience with an unparalleled reach. The provision of multimedia message service makes use of a Multimedia message service centre (MMSC) that serves as an interworking and relaying function of the multimedia message transfer between the SMEs.

As mobiles are evolved to support multimedia recording, with smart phone penetration, there is an increase in the MMS usage. MMSC is a future-proof solution that is compliant with 3GPP, 3GPP2 and OMA standards and meets the challenges raised by the modern MMS environment.

  • Personalized rich content messaging services
  • Supports standard 3GPP interfaces
  • Transcoding Engine for content adaptation, DRM and WML transcoding
  • Legacy Handset support
  • Charging & Billing support
  • Supports Wildcards
  • Supports auto provisioning
  • MMS blogging & Promotions