Advanced SMSC

6d’s advanced SMSC seamlessly handles ever-increasing volumes of person-to-person (P2P) and application-to-person (A2P) messaging streams (MO-MT, MO-AT, AO-MT and AO-AT).
SMSC is a database that checks, accepts, buffers, processes and distributes all Short Messages in a mobile network. SMSC has a provision for forwarding the messages without storing in a database (FDA), and/or storing the messages and then forwarding (storing and forwarding service) depending on various parameters.

  • Cross technology support
  • Enhanced Messaging Service to support the additional SMS features such as Personalization, Copy SMS to email, auto reply, Group Messaging, and so on
  • SMS ANTISPAM(SMS Firewall) - Protecting the mobile network from spam, faking, spoofing, flooding, phishing, virus and Content
  • SMS Routing Engine - Equipped with intelligent routing
  • Utility to Promote and Propagate Innovative Services, New Schemes / Offers, and so on at the Pre-defined time slot
  • Bulk Messaging support
  • Prebuilt SMS GatewayFunctionalities acting as a bridge to all third party applications
  • Promotions append based on the size of the text sent