Telecom operators leverage a broad range of strategies to increase their profits. In the battlefield for market share, our experience tells that most telecom operators fall short of ideas when it comes to smart solutions. It is not easy to optimize the ways by which telecom operators can manage their distribution channel via traditional Sales and Distribution Management system. Unlike CRM or Billing, Sales and Distribution required by telecom operators has many market-specific nuances. Naturally, this can quickly become a tremendous challenge since operators in heterogeneous markets need to deal with multiple channels, distributors and resellers. Needless to say, it makes controlling the distribution chain particularly difficult.

Unlike other industries operating in mass-market consumer segment that have relied on IT systems for good effect, Telecommunications industry has lagged behind in adopting a standards-based technology in this space. Systems that catered to the traditional Sales & Distribution activities were originally limited by being too rigid in their capability to adapt to the differences in processes and functionalities arising from different markets.


Do you have track of sales?

  • Sales done by distributor, dealer and retailer in different regions


Are You Able to Track Inventory?

  • Tracking and visibility right from Top to Bottom Level


Is Your Channel Motivated to Sell?

  • Drive – “Pay for Performance”
  • Attract and Retain Partners
  • Motivate Sales Partner to be Agile with Corporate Objectives


Does your Channel Have Right Quantity to Sell at Time?

  • Delivery in Full on time
  • Market Demand Based Supply


All above questions are addressed by 6d S&D system with unique capability of Geo-Visibility Management where mapping of location-based data is done through GPS where operator gets a spatial representation of the best and the worst performing stores in each region, helping them to swiftly shut down several loss-making POS, identify stores which need push in terms of lucrative offers, reward star performers in terms of more commission et al.

6d Augmented Analytics Platform with GVM capability enables the operators to get the most optimum view of the entire KPIs at every level namely Country, State, City and POS. 360 degree performance view is provided at geographic level in form of multiple reports which can be viewed by CXO, Sales Manager, Field Agent, POS agent, Zone Manager etc. and accordingly, strategies related to Commission Management, Target Management, Inventory Management, Training, Marketing can be planned and executed.