Bangalore, November 11th, 2017: 6d Technologies’ Engrafi solution has enabled renowned telecom operators across Africa to simplify, streamline and secure their subscriber registration process.


6d Technologies, a pioneer in the telecom technology sector is significantly contributing to the progress of the telecom players in various markets, globally. Their ingenious solutions and platforms enable operators to adhere to the strict laws pertaining to subscriber safety and anti-fraud enforced by the concerned regulatory bodies in the respective countries. Most countries in the African subcontinent rely on manual subscriber registration process that often leads to fraud, jeopardizing data security and leading to errors in data accumulation in the form of collecting and maintaining customer records and other data sources.


The deployment of Engrafi across African countries like Chad, Senegal, Ghana, Tanzania and Angola with renowned operators has enabled them to successfully manage and enhance its user-friendly interface. Engrafi facilitates for a quick and convenient subscriber registration process bringing in great customer delight. In some cases, they have the capability to allow subscribers to register themselves with quick digitalized forms, ensuring authentic verification of the user, thereby reducing the chances of identity fraud and compliance abuse. Because Engrafi can be seamlessly deployed, network operators can be alleviated of any other functions and focus only on increasing their customer base.


“There is no doubt that constant reforms from regulatory bodies are drafted to ensure safety and security, operators face various challenges in collecting KYC information from the existing as well as new subscribers. Intuitive interfaces, fraud handling, ensuring data authenticity and tight timelines are other challenges faced by the operators. Our product ‘Engrafi’ – Subscriber Registration Solution, addresses all these challenges and brings digitalized, easy, quick and user- friendly solution, which enhances customer experience,” asserts Kenil Paul, Vice President at 6d Technologies.


Registration of subscribers becomes difficult in developing countries and rural areas where there is no proper internet connectivity for the field agents/dealers/retailers. Online registration and validations seem objectively problematic leading to losing out on prospective customers. To mitigate this, 6d’s Engrafi platform enables collection of user information in case of low or no internet connectivity, allowing operators to manage transactions in offline mode and further process them when the connection is restored.


6d’s Engrafi has enabled reduction in the acquisition cost by cutting down the distribution process, cost of material handling and reducing costs on maintenance for various clients across the globe.


About Engrafi:
6d’s Engrafi is a fully digitalized, robust and efficient solution for subscriber registration coupled with flexible and user-friendly GUI features. It also comes with capabilities such as just-in-time SIM activation that simplifies, streamlines and secures the registration process by submitting the documents with a simple device like a smart phone or a tablet to collect, capture, store and register the subscriber regardless of their location.


About 6d Technologies:
6d Technologies offer solutions to help organizations meet changing demands of the modern age customers. It serves clients in 50+ countries across five continents with an employee arsenal of over 600+ across the globe. The organization’s clientele basket includes some of the major telecom leaders across the globe.


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