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With increasing customer expectations, commoditisation of service offerings, market saturation and lowering ARPUs, CSPs need to adopt innovative approaches to sustain profitability & growth. In order to deliver delightful customer experiences and increase their share of customer’s wallet, CSPs need to create a Customer Value Management (CVM) framework which provides a holistic approach to craft and continuously enhance customer’s journey in the network.


6d’s MAGIK CVM platform is a Big Data enabled Customer Analytics & Marketing Automation solution that enables real-time contextual engagement with every customer at every interaction, channel and touch-point by gathering data from various sources and applying analytical modeling in real time to predict the customer’s future behavior, prescribe the next best action and personalize the engagements over the preferred channels.

MAGIK helps the marketer craft an optimal journey for every customer within the CSP network, identify various macro & micro customer segments, setup customer experience & value KPIs at various lifecycle milestones and prescribe effective actions. It empowers the CSP to engage the customers at the right moments across journey with right offers to create deliver delightful customer experiences and maximize customer lifetime value.


6d MAGIK has benefited from our extensive Telecom domain expertise through the delivery of a multitude of products & solutions within Core, IT, VAS & Digital domains which helps us understand and make sense of the key data sets available within an CSP’s environment, identify events that lead to inferior or delightful customer experience and foresee key challenges in the business. 6d also provides comprehensive business & technical operations management services through a strong team of Big Data experts, Data Scientists, experienced marketers, sales & operations specialists and business consultants.

Key Highlights

  • Marketing Automation tool to engage customers on channels of their choice. Platform supports traditional telecom channels (SMS, USSD, IVR) as well as digital channels like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, chat bots, selfcare apps, web etc.
  • Big Data enabled advanced analytics to identify & reach out to various macro and micro customer segments
  • Machine Learning based predictive & prescriptive models to reach out to the customer with the offer they want. The platform comes preloaded with various analytical models (Next Best Offer, Churn Propensity, Product Affinity, Channel Preference etc.) to enable the CSPs get a headstart
  • Intuitive UI to quickly configure the use cases through seamless assembly of rules
  • Gamification based Loyalty Management to create excitement and foster loyalty
  • Data Scientist workbench to identify new revenue generating opportunities
  • Advanced data visualization & reporting tool to generate extensive business insights


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