Every decision, every business move and every successful customer interaction evolve from well-integrated data. Incorporating intelligence across your business requires real-time and high-quality operational data 24×7. This is the key to develop new insights about your customers, enhancing customer experience, and managing your network assets more efficiently.


6d’s Customer 360-degree Advanced Analytics and Data Management is a leading solution in the industry, built on a data quality platform. It accumulates, manages and transforms service providers’ data assets to deliver real-time actionable business value.


Irrespective of data storage – from legacy systems to BI/DWH – 6d’s Big Data-Driven Platform helps telecom operators to seamlessly extract, integrate and visualize their diverse and rapidly growing data sources for data-driven decision making. Data management rules could be created once and then reused, making it a standard replicable model for improving and integrating data – without additional cost.


The platform merges customer traditional data sources with digital data sources to get 360-degree customer insight. It ensures rule-based cleansing, computation, and storage of data as desired for the Upstream Applications.


6d’s Analytics platform help operators consume derived customer insights from underlying data streams to meet specific business objectives. It can help drive multi-channel customer engagement programs or personalize digital touch points for:

  • Improving customer lifecycle value
  • Reducing churn
  • Enhancing customer loyalty
  • Delivering consistent customer experience, across touchpoints.


Big Data applications help in deriving marketing activities such as:

  • Real-time marketing campaigns
  • Customer engagement
  • Customer loyalty management, that needs to be agile and responsive to the ever-changing demand of the telecom market.


MAGIK platform enables Telecom operators to leverage upon artificial intelligence for – meaningful, quantifiable, and distinct impact on their business. It brings AI technologies, real-time data management solutions and extensive telecom-specific domain expertise in a single solution. Through this service providers can inject intelligence across their business processes and customers’ life-cycle. MAGIK platform encashes upon the advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning. Being pre-trained on service providers’ business processes and knowledge of telecom-specific intents, it leads to engaging, intuitive, personalized and contextual conversations with customers, in their preferred channel.



  • Seamless integration with Inbound and Outbound Data sources through prebuilt configurable interfaces
  • Analytical models created using Predictive analytics, Prescriptive analytics, and Heuristic analytics can be leveraged to extract deeper and actionable insights
  • Big Data-driven Analytics & Machine Learning algorithms include Behaviour Segmentation, Predictive Modeling, Next Best & My Best Action Modeling, Neural Network, K-Means, KNN, Collaborative Filtering, Logistic Regression, Price Point Analytics, NPS/CEM Modeling
  • Social Media Analytics hosted on the platform is a social monitoring app that gathers data from social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, analyses this data to mine customer sentiment and arrives at actionable insights for decision making.
  • Easy-to-use, drag and drop design tools to help operators quickly analyze and aid their customers’ day-to-day operations.
  • Visual Data Exploration can help explore your data, discover new patterns, create rich visuals and share insights.
  • Interactive Reporting & Dashboards to satisfy business users, the ad-hoc reporting environment helps in creating distribution-quality reports and analytics dashboards.
  • Capabilities like Data Access, Filtering and Data Transformation are built in the tool.
  • Transform digital data and Traditional data into predictive, customer-focused insight.
  • Gain real-time insights that get even better over time
  • Management of end-to-end workflows for data ingestion to data analysis, segmentation, customer communication, tracking, fulfillment and impact measurement from one single interface



  • Make the right decisions every time
  • Realize customer needs – with the right offer, at the right time and in the right channel
  • Better allocation of valuable IT resources.
  • Handle high-volume interactions with less effort
  • Automated self-learning analytical process
  • Improves response rates and grow revenue from varied segments
  • Reduce direct marketing costs and improves ROI
  • Identification of most profitable customers and offers
  • Reduce the campaign costs by uplift modeling
  • Visualize new marketing opportunities with Affinity Analysis
  • Shorter time to market with On-The-Fly creation of new segment variables

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