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Today marketers need to consistently create, build and launch successful campaigns. The best tools and technique to achieve this could be using sophisticated, intuitive automation software with a power to nurture prospects and streamline customer communication.


MAGIK leverages upon Intelligent Customer 360 degree machine learning capabilities to automatically optimize any engagement for individual customer. Targeted Campaign Manager by 6d’s campaign management is a single integrated platform with a comprehensive range of Profiling facilities and Provisioning capabilities. It gives a strong dose of data-driven strategy and resource efficiency to develop targeted and integrated marketing strategies and communication. This platform provides choices to send a solid message across various media platforms, improve customer experience and drive tangible business results. The aim is to manage Multi-Dimensional Persistent Customer State in real time, driving a hyper-personalized omni-channel experience for every individual. Hence Campaign Manager aids in making customer-centric decisions, thereby increasing the efficiency and profitability.


  • Orchestrated campaign execution across Inbound, Outbound and Real-time Context scenarios with high levels of personalization.
  • Enabling a coherent and consistent omni-channel experience across- digital, assisted, traditional and offline channels
  • Managing both Real-time Inbound and Batch Proactive decisions, with targeting and optimization of activities to individual customers.
  • Contextual Marketing: 6d platform acquires, analyses and applies information about customer, such as transactions, locations, deliberations and much more to organize personalized interactions.
  • Visual, easy-to-use interface to plan, execute and monitor the business rules, with the necessary targeting and segmentation to achieve the business goals.
  • Centralized customer interaction repository using the same data sets to optimize campaigns across touchpoints.
  • High levels of flexibility for the business user without having to involve the IT teams, to implement specific campaigns

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