Pre-call and Post-call Notification


Promotional offers with high convertible ratio are delivered to consumers prior or post calls. Relevant offers based on dynamic profiling are delivered to potential customers over real-time interactive sessions. The solution helps marketers to design the best offer for the subscribers to increase campaign effectiveness.


Welcome SMS and Silent Roamer


Our solution helps to identify the silent roamers who do not make calls, send texts or use data. Roaming users can be defined in terms of usage thresholds on voice, text and data to track recent location of visitors to offer roaming offers.

  • Inbound Silent Roamers: Extraneous users who are using network resources without generating any business or revenues
  • Outbound Silent Roamers: Home subscribers who are traveling abroad and are using limited voice and data services




Instant alert system tracks a user through interim monitoring and sends promotional offer immediately to the subscribers when they are reachable in the network. One can track user’s status by sending a silent SMS through reach and availability of user can be decided.

  • Switched Off Users
  • Unreachable Users



  • Dynamic profiling of consumer behavior in real-time based on real-time processing of all network data streams
  • Design best offer in real-time based on consumer actions
  • Conduct and measure trial offers against real-time control and target groups
  • Change offer parameters dynamically, and measure the improvements in performance instantly
  • Relevant nearby offers at the right time and place
  • Reaching out to Inactive users by tracking them whenever they become available
  • To increase the promotion effectiveness by knowing when the user is available

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