Customer retention is a tough challenge for any service provider worldwide. Creating stickiness is critical for customer loyalty, reducing churn and consistent profitability. Well-planned loyalty programs significantly influence customer acquisition and retention.


6d’s best-in-class Loyalty Management Solution is a collaborative customer engagement platform that manages customer relationships. The solution allows:

  • understanding and using information about customer’s demands
  • convert prospects into first-time buyers
  • convert first-time buyers into long-term happy customers
  • customize to fit the market needs
  • effectively measure, track, and reward customer loyalty


It encompasses key functionalities to create, execute and manage customer preferences and purchase history and leverages upon these insights to drive relevant services to the customer, thereby delivering a truly personalized experience.


Gamification tool: This tool offers a variety of fully customizable plugins to engage and reward users, especially by utilizing virtual elements: badges, challenges, leaderboards and storytelling.

Gamification tool helps telecom operators to turn casual visitors into loyal customers & increases sales, faster than traditional rewards programs. 6d’s customer loyalty solutions sustain engagement and empower your business to create true loyalty.



  • Loyalty Program Rule Definition:Enables Telecom Operators/Enterprise users to define most complex rules
  • Built-In Loyalty Program Designer:Allows building a successful loyalty program created for both individual and business customers
  • Real-time Gratification:Instant accrual, calculation and redemption of points/bonus, as well as digital voucher/coupon issuing and marketing communication through messages or delivered through Mobile Application
  • Customer Value:Set up personal contact preferences, channels and promotion types
  • Partnership Management:Strong capabilities in managing Partners/Merchants/Retailers within the coalition or multi-partner loyalty programs
  • Interactive dashboards and KPIs:Complete real-time insight of a loyalty program and customer engagement
  • Gamification: Gamify your Loyalty Program by engaging your program members through challenges and rewarding them on completion.



  • Track progress of the activity within the program
  • Real-time access to profile data, points balance, and transaction details
  • Real-time access to loyalty accounts through various channels
  • More privileges and benefits for top program members
  • Real-time point issuing and quick redemption
  • Flexible reward price plans: Points only or Points + Money
  • Dedicated module for program partners with relevant data and tools

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