The Next Best Offer is an integrated advanced predictive analytics solution combining consulting, advanced big data, predictive analytics, rules and optimization.


RECO Engine recommends static and dynamic offer based on the customer’s behavioral patterns using Collaborative Filtering and KNN algorithms. Recommendation engine accelerates customer engagement as it is aware of customers’ latest behaviors, needs, and trends. It provides profound insight into each customer’s interests and previous interactions to help deliver highly personalized content including marketing offers and product recommendations.


6d’s Next Best Offer, based on forecasting model, captures a customer’s usage patterns and interactions in the real time. The solution helps to turn individual customer interactions into relevant, contextual and personalized engagement for inbound marketing. It creates opportunities for deep market segmentation, better conversion, higher lifetime value and greater retention throughout the customer lifecycle.


The key is Contextual Digital Engagement with every customer, at every interaction, channel, and touchpoint. By gathering data from various internal and external data sources, applying analytics in real time to take the Next Best Action, and then personalizing customer engagements, our offering enables you seamlessly manage your customers’ journeys.

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