Mediation system acts as a mediator between network elements and billing system. 6d’s Billing Mediation solution does collection and processing of XDR’s for varied combination of services like Voice, Data, SMS, VoIP, Wi-Fi, VoD, IPTV after processing XDR’s are distributed to Billing system for billing & invoicing process.


6d’s Billing Mediation System performs certain actions like decoding, loading, processing, validation, consolidation, formatting, encoding, distribution, etc.



Key Differentiators:

  • Compatible multiple network nodes and multi-vendor applications
  • Data collection and processing for every transaction
  • Rule configuration to identify certain parameters in the packet
  • Encoding & Distribution of processed UDR’s to downstream system
  • Error handling mechanism to prevent errors
  • Filtering & Routing of UDR based on type, time, location, etc.
  • Flexibility in configuring required business logic
  • Single user interface to monitor complete processing
  • Easy integration with new technology network nodes
  • Formatting of processed UDR’s into required formats like (CSV, ASN.1, etc.)

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