6d presents a robust real-time rating & charging engine which provides true convergence including Subscriber types (Prepaid, post-paid and hybrid), Network convergence (3G,4G, LTE, Wi-Fi, xDSL and FTTH) & Service Convergence (Voice, Data, Content, VAS etc.)


Solution supports change in business dynamics and associated services across customer segments. It provides flexibility to define multiple rate plans for various associated services. Solutions comply with industry’s best practices by providing agility to deliver innovative and new services to customer.



Sub Modules:

  • Subscriber Account Management
  • Balance Management
  • Rating Engine
  • Rate plan Management
  • Tariff Management
  • Discount & Bonus Management
  • Service Control Point


Key Differentiators:

  • Flexible rate plans for multiple convergent services
  • Real-time rating and charging for Bulk Events
  • Supports flexible price plans and bundled services
  • Dynamic rules to configure new services and associated tariff plans
  • Automatic change in customer credit class based on preconfigured business logic
  • Inbuilt Simulators for Testing/Verification of defined Tariffs/Packages
  • Real-time insights about customers account balance & usage details
  • Supports Multiple balances and multiple devices per account
  • Auto-blocking/barring of services based on customer credit limit availability

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