Fulfilling ‘brand promise’ is paramount in maturing markets where customers have greater choices for devices, services, plans and products. The  platform  allows the customers to proactively view and purchase products through digital self-care points or Customer Care. Though this leads to the challenge
of order management. 6d’s order management system efficiently manages the multiple steps of order fulfillment that includes the capturing, processing, fulfilling and provisioning of the customer order request for individual or nested products/offers. This is done by timely and flawlessly analyzing the composition of the requests, decomposing them for the ease of processing and
provisioning them in all the respective downstream systems like the billing & invoicing system and inventory management system for further processing.



Key Differentiators:

  • Catalog-driven Order Management
  • Efficient orchestration of Order Processes
  • Step-wise order processing including Enrichment, Decomposition, Validation and Distribution of orders
  • End to end workflow automation
  • Complete visibility and control of the orders
  • Notifications post-order fulfillment is enabled

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