6d’s Inventory and Number Management solution maintains accurate information of inventory products, stock, product specifications, movement of inventory and much more, at any given point in time. Our solution is able to assign, define, categorize, and recycle associated inventories and numbers.


Our Inventory and Number Management solution gives visibility on inventory across all locations, where complete lifecycle instances are maintained in the system. It maintains complete control of the movement and storage of inventories.



Sub Modules:

  • Stock Management
  • Recycle Management
  • Resource Management
  • Number Allocation
  • Number Pool Management
  • Inventory Recycling
  • Inventory Lifecycle


Key Differentiators:

  • Centralized monitoring system of stock
  • Change of resource status upon consumption of resources
  • Accurate information helps to avoid excessive storage of stock
  • Easy tracking of inventory records
  • Maintains and records complete lifecycle of inventories
  • Notifications for stock alerts
  • Flexibility to create numbers, categorization, reservation, number pool recycling, etc.
  • Supports hierarchy based inventory management
  • Auto rule-based recycling of numbers leading to less manual efforts
  • Improves forecasting across entire network

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