Start with the Unified Product Catalog to solve the problem of non-convergence. It enables a singular view of all the products and offerings in a manner that incentivizes the customers to select a product or an offer that benefits them. It is a single platform for managing product catalogs and its life cycle, thereby increasing the velocity of the launch of new products/offers.


A single platform for managing product catalogues and its life cycle, thereby increasing the velocity of launch of new products/offers. 6d’s Unified Product Catalogue provides an option to bundle the product offers and specifications to define product relationships. It enables marketing and product managers to build new services rapidly. This improves offer management processes and truncates the time needed to reach the market. The system also allows partners to incorporate products and services into the catalogues on a monthly basis.



Key Highlights

  • Flexible to configure different product and services into system
  • Triple Play & Quad Play Services are supported
  • Unified view of all products, services, plans at a glance
  • Create bundles using defined products and services
  • Define customized offers & discounts for products/services
  • Maintains complete lifecycle based on customer type, geographical location, etc.
  • Dimensioning or versioning of the product catalogue
  • Flexible to create, modify/update new plans and services
  • Configuring Product Rules based on set parameters
  • Configuring relationships and dependencies among and between
  • Maintains complete repository of products
  • Provides product/service search capability
  • Product catalogue supports for multilayer management

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