IoT / M2M

Connectivity Management

Partner & Enterprise Management

M2M Billing & Rating Engine

M2M Inventory Management

Device Management

Automation Business Rules

Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

IOT/M2M Portal

In this age of rapid progression of technology and industry demand towards the connected things and connected everything, Telcos are in the most advantageous position to fulfill this demand of enabling connectivity to the IOT players. 6d’s Connection Management Platform enables you as a telco to offer advanced IOT billing and SIM management for your partner ecosystem.

Connection Management Platform

Manage your Enterprises and Partners all in one platform and enable them manage their inventory and orders of SIMs, Devices, Sensors with the integrated partner self-service portal. Perform dynamic and over-the-air provisioning of your SIMs and Devices on the field.

IOT Billing

6d’s IOT Billing platform brings together the capabilities of IOT Product Catalog with Enterprise and Retail Rate plan products for your Partners and their devices, Advanced role-up near-realtime rating of IOT device usage and the corresponding enterprise usage with Retail & Wholesale rating models.

SIM & Device Diagnostics Management

Keep complete control of your army of Things with the SIM & Device Management. Track the location, health and behavior of your devices, control their access to your network, diagnose and troubleshoot the devices over OMA-DM & TR-069. Take realtime proactive and reactive actions towards the SIMs and Devices using the rule engine.

Key Highlights

  • Multi-network connectivity support – GSM, LTE, WiFi, Satellite
  • Thing Subscription Management
  • GUI based Automation Rules Management
  • Maps based Device and SIM tracking
  • Proven multi-tenant and cloud ready architecture
  • ReST APIs enabled for integration with IOT backends and Application Enablement Platforms.


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