The platform provides is a framework for protocol adaptation that is designed for high-scale, 2-way device communication with the IoT/M2M Platform. The Connection gateway is an intelligent handler of the device data and not just a pass-through or dumb proxy. It is one of the core modules of the IoT/M2M platform and has the following properties-

  • Data exchanged between the device and the application is fully dependent on the application and independent from the platform or the underlying transport network.
  • It provides a data access point between 3rd party applications developers and the devices in a secured and scalable manner.
  • It provides capabilities for M2M applications developers and 3rd parties to have control and direct access to the devices to SEND and RECEIVE DATA, through a set of standard interfaces.
  • Data exchanged shall include: Device Originating, Device Terminating, IP and SMS messages in a Store and forward model, delivery confirmation (when available) and query messages.
  • It provides interface for the data to the Application Management layer for specific business logic application and data enrichment and/or transfer towards 3rd party platform


Traffic Management provides the below functionality

  • Protocol Adapter
  • Connection Security Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Message Handling
  • Queue Management


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