6d’s Recharge system allows recharge of a prepaid account via standard channels using Top-Up (E Top-Up), vouchers (PIN & PIN less). The platform is enabled for mobile-based transaction services & channel based recharges. SMS, USSD, WEB, POS, Kiosk, Reseller, Customer Care are the channels of access for this service.


The system helps operators to expand the distribution system to reach the wider areas. This provides the various interfaces between the Subscriber/Distributor/Reseller and Operators Network. The ability to manage the reseller Hierarchy coupled with management of sales/distribution activities is also facilitated.


The two variants offered by 6d are as follows:

  • E-Top Up: Most advanced and simple for subscribers, channel partners(Retailer/Distributor) and service providers to manage the top-up process. No need for e-PINs or Vouchers with pre-fixed denominations. Customer’s account is ‘topped up’ instantly against payment of any value made at a retail outlet. The retailer triggers a direct recharge of customer’s account using multi-Channels of the operator
  • Physical/Electronic Voucher: Voucher Management System (VoMS) lets subscribers top-up their balance/account/ validity using the voucher cards. Subscribers can purchase vouchers from dealers of the operator, easily available even in remote pockets. Dealers can extend their reach to the subscribers through their retailer chains to run widely distributed retailers/dealer networks efficiently and easily. VoMS manages end-to-end functionalities voucher system starting from Voucher Order from supplier to voucher consumed by the subscriber


Building blocks/functional modules

  • Multi-Channel Support- SMS, USSD, IVR, Web/Wap
  • Distribution hierarchy management
  • End to End voucher lifecycle management
  • Retailer Initiated Top-up
  • Auto- Top-up
  • Subscriber self Top-up
  • Corporate Top-up
  • P2P Transfer
  • Support for loyalty & Promotion program
  • Commissioning & Settlement
  • Payment & Invoicing
  • Inbuilt security & fraud management module
  • Adaptors towards external adaptors

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