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Mobile Virtual Network Enabler

Mobile Virtual Network Operator

Telecom Services Providers are looking for innovative models to expand their revenue sources and maximize their ROI. By enabling quick launch of a 2nd, 3rd brand or by enabling MVNOs to rollout services on an MNO infrastructure with minimum investment it becomes the most cost effective model to reuse and reinforce the existing investments and maximize the profits.


6d’s MVNE platform enables you as an aspiring MVNE services provider to integrate with multiple Sponsor MNOs globally and rollout MVNOs for Retail, Wholesale and M2M / IOT services with speed-to-market and agility. We transform your MVNO business with optimized operations, highly secure data isolation and completely scalable platform to support the ever growing subscriber base. In the fiercely competitive market our solution is backed by our unmatched systems integration and support services expertise, which will enable any prospective MVNO to benefit from the widest choice of functionality, integration and deployment models.

Mobile Virtual Network Enabler

Adopt our MVNE’s Multi-tenancy framework that ensures highly superior and industry grade data security and isolation between the MVNOs. Configure multiple MNOs or Sponsor networks for enabling the MVNOs to choose from a range of wholesale tariffs across types of commodities or services such as number inventory, SIMs, Roaming partnerships, data rates, call and SMS volumes.


Perform Convergent Real-time and Offline Rating of SMS, Voice and Data services of your MVNOs and settle with MVNOs using the Wholesale billing capability.


6d MVNE stack provides the full BSS capabilities for a MVNE / thick MVNO, including the capabilities of a 360 CRM, Convergent Rating & Billing, Inventory, Unified Product Catalog, Customer Order Management, SMSC, USSDGW & Browser, MNP Manager, IVR, SRF, PIN and PIN-less Recharge solutions.

Mobile Virtual Network Operator

Get ready to onboard as a Thin or Thick MVNO service provider with our Network Technology Agnostic MVNO Solution. Choose from our comprehensive range of services to best suit your requirement. Expand your brand by leveraging our platform.


As an MVNO, you can manage your own services, subscribers and Web portals giving the most personalized environment for your operations.

Key Highlights

  • Multi-tenancy across Portals, Application and Database
    Scale as your grow
  • Enabling localization based on demographics.
  • Ease in product and services creation enabling reduced
    rollout time.
  • Multi-geography and Multi-currency supported
  • Multi-play enabled
  • Cloud Ready


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