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Telecom technology is changing rapidly all across Access, Transport, Signaling and Payloads. With the fast advent of LTE and 5G technologies, not only the payload but also the core network signaling protocols are moving to pure IP. This automatically warrants a lot of investment from the telco to rapidly upgrade their legacy systems to catch up with this technology change. 6dā€™s network solutions suite brings to the table carrier grade solutions to bridge this gap in the most cost effective and scalable manner.

SS7 Mediation

A ready to deploy bridge between the SS7 based systems network enablers and the Gy/Ro only based charging platforms enabling the most cost effective network upgradations.

  • The Service Control Function (gsmSCF) for CAP, INAP and related protocol traffic management
  • IVR application for ISUP traffic management and Menu Management
  • USSD application for USSD menu, session management and service provisioning

SRF ā€“ Service Resource Function

The purpose of SRF is to provide voice processing functionality to intelligent network wherever it is necessary in order to achieve user interaction such as play announcement and prompt and collect user information.

  • INAP/CAPv2 support
  • Tone Play
  • Assist mode for remote announcement play

DRA ā€“ Diameter Routing Agent

The Diameter Router Agent provides an intelligent Diameter signaling traffic infrastructure that does the message routing in the network. With a flexible rule engine which control message routing without affecting the system performance, the 6d DRA reduces the complexity of Diameter routing configurations in a network. It mediates between diameter network elements and operator applications.

Key Highlights

  • Routing Diameter Message to Specific Nodes
  • Act as a load balancer where it can divide traffic with various policies such as round-robin etc.
  • It can remove/add Record-Route AVP that contains origin-host identity of node that a message passed though, to hide intermediate nodes if required.
  • It can route message to a node base on given field such as IMSI, User-Name, Origin-Host Identity etc.
  • It can advertise or un-publish support of an application to a node.


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