The 6d’s Charging Gateway Function (CGF) is a converged solution (for 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE networks) and 3GPP compliant solution. CGF can integrate with operator’s packet core nodes like PGW/GGSN/SGW/SGSN and other packet core elements for collecting the session triggers/UDRs/CDRs over GTP prime and other popular data transfer protocols. The system will process the received RAW data based on the rules/conditions set in the system for translation to the format required by the downstream systems. Will provide operational ease to the operator by having the single point of interface towards the BSS/OSS systems


Key Benefits

  • Integration support with vendor-agnostic network nodes
  • Systematic processing of the data including comprehensive validation, de-duplication checks, correlation of the received data
  • Flexible Filtering & Enrichment capabilities
  • Independent distribution threads towards multiple downstream systems with handling distribution frequencies and format conversion requirements
  • Comprehensive data exchange protocols and file format support
  • Helps to prevent revenue leakages
  • Provides flexibility and scalability to meet the needs of the Operator
  • Performance intensive with lesser HW footprint

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