Telecom operators are faced with many challenges in the existing ecosystem. Some of them include:

  • Pre-provisioned SIMs
  • No personal number choice
  • Lack of personalized offers and the likes, hampering operators’ efficiency.


Regulators are under constant pressure to manage scarce resources whilst concurrently delivering optimal volumes to the operators. The complexities of number administration and management demand a user-friendly, digitized and centralized solution. 6d’s Number Management Solutions support the holistic numbering plan of any country. It also simplifies number resource assignment processes and minimizes potential for errors.

6d’s Number Management System is a management desk of numbering resources for the mobile operator. It further leads to automation of:

  • Inventory management
  • Number selection
  • Number assignment processes.


The application system allows the operator subscribers to change their mobile numbers seamlessly.


Key Features

  • Network agnostic solution – integration support for multiple networks like 2G,3G,4G/LTE and IMS Network
  • Flexible Number Management including import, categorization & pool management
  • Personalized choice through Seamless Dynamic Number Selection Process
  • Single SIM concept
  • Number choice support, inbuilt vHLR/vAuC/vHSS for first-time activation
  • Selection and Provisioning of various VAS services at the time of activation
  • Support for various types of Number provisioning – Subscriber, Network trigger (HLR, AuC) and Manual Provisioning through different channels
  • SIM Swap
  • Detailed reports, billing and statistics data for complete visibility of sources, traffic trends, unnatural traffic peaks etc.



  • SIM Card Lifecycle Management
  • Number Resource Optimization
  • Number pooling
  • Online digitized activations and mobile number changes
  • Instant service access through the available provisioning interfaces
  • Easily Re-use Numbers
  • Increased subscriber loyalty and reduced churn
  • Shorter Time to Market

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