6d’s URL Filtering is a mechanism that blocks the access to certain types of websites and URLs that are under prohibition state. It helps operators in providing higher productivity and taking down bandwidth usage. 6d’s URL Filter also blocks restricted sites, adult sites, and prevents access to certain websites that are strictly prohibited. It also protects the IT infrastructure by blocking access to websites that promote themselves as “safe” but are not.



Key Highlights

  • Supports whitelisting /blacklisting of URLs from accessing
  • Custom Category of URLs for filtration
  • Access control list (ACL) for Whitelisted URLs & Enterprise users
  • Enterprises Onboarding
  • Wildcard-based filtering support
  • IP based Filtration
  • Port-based Filtration
  • Bulk upload of web filter, IP-port filter
  • Bulk Download
  • IP Subnet Masking: Whitelist/ Blacklist of the IP at all subnets (1-32)
  • Enterprise Level Global Filtering
  • Authentication Mechanism for override access
  • Policy-based URL Redirection

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