6d’s “Wi-Fi Offload” – often called as Mobile Data Offloading is a carrier-grade solution that helps operators to alleviate network congestion by enabling a rapid deployment timeline for various market compelling Wi-Fi services. It opens the door for an operator to cost-effectively offload a large amount of cellular data traffic to Wi-Fi.


6d’s carrier-grade Wi-Fi offload solution enables the operator to adopt either the trusted or non-trusted networks to seamlessly integrate with the backend systems, thereby providing a common wallet for the subscriber over both 3G/4G and Wi-Fi simultaneously.


Along with offloading capabilities, the system provides a converged network solution with seamless, transparent and better user experience by maintaining QoS and smartly switches between mobile data and Wi-Fi to meet the requirements.


  • AAA
  • EAP Server
  • MAP Authentication Server
  • PCRF Lite and Online Charging
  • Captive Portal
  • Physical and Virtual Vouchers


Key Highlights

  • Automatic selection of the available Wi-Fi networks when near Operator/Partner Hotspot
  • Security and Authentication for non-trusted networks
  • EAP-SIM & EAP AKA Authentication
  • Enabling the policies for network selection
  • Data monetization by applying different policies over 3G/4G and Wi-Fi
  • Easy integration with the backend systems to provide similar user experience and services
  • Sponsored Wi-Fi and Premium Wi-Fi variant support
  • Roaming transfer between mobile and Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Apps without affecting the performance.
  • Lowers operations cost and reduces congestion
  • High user experience with effective Quality of service
  • Reduces churn

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