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Field Force Management

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In this era of scale and diversified sales models, Telco’s often lose track of their sales and the rate of ROI. 6d’s Sales & Distribution solution brings back the complete control of Inventory flow, stock views, commissions, sales target accomplishment across your direct & indirect channels.

Dealer and Commission Management

Manage the entire hierarchy of your sales chain right from your Sales Country Head all the way down to your Point of Sales Agent. The 6d S&D solution provides the complete flexibility to configure N-level hierarchy and the governing territories for Distributors, Dealers and Agents across direct and indirect channels of sales. The rules based commission engine brings you the widest range of commission and incentive models for real-time and offline payouts.

Inventory Management

Manage your physical, digital and logical assets and stocks such as SIMs, devices, numbers, vouchers, IP addresses, etc all under the single roof of 6d Inventory management. It also enables you to perform stock profiling and warehouse management towards your distribution chain.

Field Force

Empower your Field Force with the right set of tools and information to take the right set of actions towards your retailers in the right time. Smartphone App for the field force, that provides a 360° view of the Priorities, Route plan, Visit plan and Actions along with the complete visibility of the performance of the allocated Retailers. Task your field force to perform sales, survey and market analysis to improve your brand.

Smart POS

Smart POS enables the complete digitalization of a wide variety of store types, from Smartphone App to full-fledged Kiosks with advanced peripheral integration for Biometrics, Card Payments, NFC and more


Perform your product sales and customer service management along with employee and cash management, all with the powerful Online and Offline-mode enabled Smart POS platform.

Geo Business Visibility

Geo Business Visibility enables Machine Learning based automated action recommendation to your Field force and Retailers to perform the most prioritized actions in the most time-oriented manner to maximize sales. Advanced Real-time Dashboards for Sales performance tracking with interactive heat maps enables comprehensive view of the health of your sales.


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