Business View Management uses cutting edge technology and proven sales and distribution modeling strategies to generate the most optimum action for the sales force to improve the profitability of the Point of Sale.


6d’s Business Visibility Management system is a Big-data based state-of-the-art platform enabling the business to get the most optimum view of all the KPIs at every step of the Sales, Distribution, Marketing and Network hierarchy along with the Machine learning powered prediction of the key actions to be taken by the organization to meet and exceed the KPI targets.


The overall objectives of the system are:


  • 360degree view of the KPIs of the organization
  • Set KPI Targets
  • Predict KPI patterns
  • Reduce Turn-around-Time to take the corrective action at the Customer Touch Point (POS, BTS)
  • Reduce non-performing Customer Touch Points
  • Up-sell products
  • Cross-Sell products
  • Empower Field Force to achieve KPI target

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